Today, many people in Japan enjoy different styles of music like J-Pop (Japanese Pop), J-Rock (Japanese Rock), and even the old traditional music. There are many styles and bands and singers out in Japan who can create beautiful music, even if you don’t understand a single word they say in Japanese. Today, there are so many artists, you just can’t keep track of them.

Some of the singers that exist in modern day Japan are people like BoA VALENTI, Utada Hikaru, Ai Otsuka, and Tomoyasu Hotei. Most of these singers here are pretty young for their age, and have landed many achievements. BoA is actually from South Korea, but is famous both in her hometown and in Japan. She landed her debut in 2001, her being only 15 years old, this was a huge hit for her
Listen to BoA VALENTI
  Utada Hikaru is also a very young performer in the J-Pop world. Utada was born in the year of 1983, and her debut was landed in 1999, another young age singer, who is still a hit to Japan. She may not show up on TV often, but shows up in unexpected places, and her voice is heard everywhere, even in video games like Kingdom Hearts.
There are also many bands out there in the J-Rock world like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, GLAY, BLEACH, and many, many more. Many of the bands and singers out in Japan sign up with famous dealers like Sony, Toshiba-EMI, and Island Def Jam. Some of the bands like GLAY and EXILE sometimes join together for a short while and make some albums together for more publicity.  
  Today, most of the Japanese music, is made by the ‘young crowd’ or as we would probably say, teenagers. Most of the music would sound like some foreigner to us trying to speak Latin and having a very hard time. But actually, the music means a lot to the Japanese people, and the artist. Most of the music is about peoples’ lives, sad times, or about an object even. Music is a key to people and understanding them. During World War II, music was a way to escape from all the horrors that were going on and helped to soothe people and calm them down. Music can tell stories and tell much about one person, or even a group of people.
  Since music was created, even till now, music is an important part of peoples’ lives and means many things. Different styles of music relate to different groups of people and each means something different.  

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